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The Historic Decatur Foundation saved The Culver House from demolition and have pledged to return it to its former glory.  This house was the home of a very prominent business man, John H. Culver, who created an electric company that eventually became Ameren Illinois.  He and his brother, Col. James S. Culver, did the first reconstruction of President Abraham Lincoln's Tomb.  They started out in the monument business, and have built several magnificent military monuments, including the Illinois Monument at Vicksburg.  They also built Governor Tanner's Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Governor Yates' home in Washington Park, and many other buildings and churches.  Be sure to check out the Culver Monument, Culver Electric and Culver Construction pages for more details! 

For those who want to be a part of saving this historic home, you can donate to help out with the restoration projects.  The first floor will become the Decatur History Museum (a dream of Culver's!) and event space.  The second floor will be future office space. 

Thank you for your support of The Culver House, which is

Bringing Light and Life to Historic Decatur!

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